Education is not merely acquisition of information or skills but transformation of information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. Character building and holistic development of personality are inherent in education. It is necessary to mould the present generation in their attitudes, values and ideas. This is the only way towards a better tomorrow. Thus we are in constant process in bridging the gap between 'the materialistic education which increases our children’s knowledge of science, technology and humanities giving them skills and global prosperity', and 'the value based and moral education which enables them to become good human beings and concerned for others'.

We stress under our umbrella over great importance to interactive learning maintaining a conducive environment to make the learning process effective and productive. Making learning atmosphere sincere, responsive, technical and eco-friendly, we help our pupils in their overall development and all round excellence. BJC recognizes the potential in each student and strives to help students achieve their goals preparing them for the challenges and demands of the time and need of the society. Therefore, we offer them various opportunities and freedom through a number of events, occasions and fests to explore, to discover, to create and to grow. They are not passive learners but active participants on our apt platform.

The academic year 2014-15 was a new and promising milestone in our odyssey as our students brought laurels not only in academics, but also in various other fields and activities in the campus and beyond it. The growth attained in this academic year is ample testimony of every teachers' inimitable spirit and devotion.

I thank omnificent and omnipotent God for His ever abiding mercy on our institution and blessings on our family. I also solicit the cooperation and good wishes of our Chairman and Management Committee to make us advance on our path to perfection maintaining throughout our significance that is the BJ essence. After all, I look forward to the support from parents for furthering our objective and aim, and know us not necessarily in details but profoundly in essence.

(Dr. V.N. Singh)

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